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#Work: 100 Top Hundred

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It's all about WORK. Why did I do the simple hard work of compiling this 100 Top100? Simple, I am throwing everything I can at the wall, hoping that one sticks. For you. Better if more than one.

The hard part is figuring out who you are. Content marketers keep telling me I have to know exactly who you are, what you do, what you like. The truth is, I really don't.

Comprehensive Career Information
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash
I don't know who you are. Where you are. What you do. What you would like to do. 
But I know you must do something. Especially something that keeps you and your family going.
Getting and keeping a job would be a good start. Like I wrote in this post, you have to keep finding, keep sharpening the saw and keep asking. I am trying to help with this list.
Comprehensive Career Information
Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash

It's not the answer but the information might help some ways.  Some information may be dated. The idea is to give you a feel. Of the marketplace. Of the future of jobs. Of your market value. Of the places that can increase your value. Of the big hirers. Of the companies that will cuddle you. Of getting you ready for the big Q&A. Something to start with...
Hopefully you will benefit from the insights and article 100 might just give inspiration for the longer term vision.

If you are happily employed, certain information might help you sustain and do better. Be better. Reach out and help someone. As best as you can. 

If you think this Page is helpful, share with your friends. It took me hours and it will only take you a few seconds. Thanks.

At Work: The Hundred Top 100

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20. 100+ STEM Courses at Class Central

21. 100+ STEM Projects for Kids at Little Bins for Little Hands

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24.Reuters Top 100 Europe's Most Innovative Universities at Reuters

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100. Highest Paid CEOs of Equilar 100 Companies at Equilar

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