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Painting the Mona Lisa and Chomping the Big Mac; What's the Similarity?

  My take-away from “How to Get from Where You are to Where You Want to Be” by Jack Canfield.   Principle 8: Chunk It Down Zach Dyson on Unsplash The Mona Lisa. It’s a masterpiece. It is also the sum of strokes. From the master’s brush. It took persistent and passionate effort for Leonardo da Vinci to capture the goal he had in mind onto the  board the masterpiece was painted. Some say it took hundreds of sessions. Through scientific assessment, it was determined that 30 coats of paint, layered in a unique style was needed for the maestro to achieve that “feel and look.” Zooming in with state-of-the-art magnification tools, art researchers claim that da Vinci used hatching and cross hatching method. Drilling down to the finest details, it is said that the “smile of the ages” was constructed by the artist with 30-40 brush strokes of translucent paint per millimetre. Fine art. Whether you are painting the Mona Lisa or chomping the Big Mac, you are working towards a goal

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  Chantal Garnier on Unsplash If not verbatim, this is as close to what I heard from Mark Schaefer, a top-notch marketing guru and an innovative giant in his field, “Where there can be corruption, there will be corruption.” Mark tells it like it is. There are more people who choose to be politically correct than being honest, holding preciously to “let’s not rock the boat” pseudo-wisdom until they taste the contaminated water. There is nothing wrong thinking that people are good. It’s dangerous to believe it despite the red flags. I agree with Mark. Fully. Where there can be corruption, there will be corruption. Jose told me he cornered one of his better bosses, Tony near the staircase after an announcement of new measures to arrest corruption. This was a month after a series of investigations and a spate of resignations. “I told Tony that I disagreed with more PowerPoints, more rules. They only provide the covers, guidelines for the crooks to avoid detection,” Jose recalled.

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