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Desired Outcome

We know that you have the answers. They are inside you, somewhere. Our job is to help you look inward, use all the essence of experience and wisdom you have garnered from life to find your answers. This path will lead you to design the solutions specifically for you, composing your inner melodies, to inspire you to the life that you seek.

An off- the- shelf tailor-made program is a tempting proposition. Think of the humanity, ushered into a high powered motivation program to be embalmed by the energy and make-believe magic of the super star on stage and to embrace the fearlessness, raring to rush out the doors to conquer the world, only to falter in face of reality, for the spirit to die, unprotected.

What we set out to do

You have the answers. Our job is to help you find that hints to the treasure trove within. Along the journey, during which your emotional weather will change, to summon wisdom of the ages and advice from the wise to provide the protective armor to your hope and aspirations. To haul yourself back up from lack of clarity and spiritual weakness is to learn from the observation and advice of the wise and experienced.

Self Help

We will work with you. Let's do some heavy lifting at the start. Clearing through the layers of contamination to find your dormant account of personal wisdom and resourcefulness. You will have to do the activation, by piecing the notes to compose your inner melodies, uniquely tuned to inspire a performance worthy of a good life of your own definition. Nobody knows what makes you tick better than you. This is a by you for you program. We are here cheer you on.

Compose Your Inner Melodies

About Me

About the Author and Founder

Stu is the founder of this site. Most of his life, he has been involved in the service of people at various levels. He has extensive experience in workplace services including food and beverage, people logistics and recreational programs and events. In addition to operations leadership, he has extensive hands-on experience in internal communications, specifically as an editor and executive speech writer.
He has leadership experience in people development events, working with teams from U.S., China and South East Asia. His offshore experiences include workplace services start-up and service leadership training in China and other countries. Stu is an long time student of developing human potential.

About Logo

Corporate ID of People Tweak

The icon captures the essence of People Tweak. The white eagle is an invitation to soar, representing the spirit inspired. The forward edge of the eagle carves a human face, a representation of the most important benefactor and beneficiary of the effort. The energy of this effort is consolidate in a disk, with the motion lines on the bottom left capturing the philosophy of the site. The audience has the answer. The lines represent the work that has to be done. Peeling to the core answer.

The website is in the people development niche. The core aim of the website is the belief that people already have map to their desired future and the answers to their hindrances. Our job is to provide the tools and resources that clears the pathway to wisdom, vaulted in the deep access of their minds, cloaked by layers of distractions and negativity. Lucidly, the mission of the website is to reactivate the dormant life satisfaction account of the seekers. The logo encapsulates the core.

Big Thanks to Canva for the graphics capabilities.

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