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One Practical Self Improvement Idea To Change Your Life Forever

Achieve Your Dreams through Visualization | 
Pete Canalichio | 

The video promotes a practical self improvement idea; achieving your desired self improvement goal through visualization. Practical self improvement ideas means systems and processes for self betterment that are actionable. Ideas that you can turn into powerful self improvement actions right where you are. Visualization is not a wishy washy new age fad but a science backed regime that can propel you to a higher level of self improvement. It sounds simple but it takes consistent effort to achieve the desired result.

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Self-Betterment Wisdom

While physical self improvement is attained by checking-in and doing the work at your gym regularly, coupled with nutritional enhancement, character or behavioral self improvement is an inside job. It entails-
1. Having a clear idea of what you need to change, the bad habits that you need to replace with better ones
2.Defining succinctly the changes toward the vision of the better self you seek, craft clear affirmations so that you can verbalize it with ease.
3.Enlist your subconscious to help you achieve what you want. Ingrain deeply into your subconscious your desired outcome through consistent and persistent repetitions of the affirmations.
4. Build a supportive environment and community. Shed relationships which are detrimental to your course such as stone throwers.
5.Watch yourself grow into the person you'd like to be. Enjoy the journey. Be mindful when you are off track and course correct. When you are satisfied that you have reached the behavioral status you seek, set new challenges to keep your life vital.

See it, Mull it, Get it

It's not magic, it is science. Your subconscious will alert your conscious mind when something you want is available. Actually, it makes you aware of what’s there all the time but you did not pay attention because it was not a priority. Think of when you wanted to buy the red Honda. It suddenly appears everywhere. This function enables you to seize the opportunities. To empower this facility, available to everyone, is to etch that target, that dream, that goal deeply into your subconscious mind. You do this through repetitive affirmative actions. Your level of obsession with the idea, expressed by the frequency of your repetitive affirmation, gives it priority in your subconscious mind.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious is many times more active and powerful than our conscious mind. In fact, it is the gatekeeper to our dreams, hopes and aspirations. An idea gets prioritized by your subconscious based on the frequency you mull it. From its algorithm, the subconscious alerts your conscious self when the opportunities arise to open the path to the desired goal. This is the how people are luckier than others. They are alert to the opportunities. Lottery wins is chance not luck. It’s not random but it’s run on an algorithm.

Self-Betterment Wisdom

A Safe Training Ground

Jack Nicklaus did mental rehearsals even for practice shots. He adjusted his grip and swing. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a fumbling beginner, the mind is the safest ground for practices. No one can see your ignorance nor your inefficacy. You can imagine the ideal conditions for your performance or face your fears and conquer them. Mental rehearsal is the standard prescription for sports artists to perfect their performance before the live arena. It is a free and indispensable tool. The beautiful game is played in the mind first.

Your Hardest Working Ally

Your subconscious mind is many times more powerful and works harder than your conscious mind. It aims to be your favored enabler. All it asks of you is to help it prioritize. What should it help you with most of the time? The clearer you can picture your goal the better. The longer you think about it, the stronger the impression. You can also make all the adjustments until you are satisfied with the desired outcome. Someone said it is a goal seeking missile. To launch it, you must impress it that you want your goal bad enough.

Self Betterment Wisdom

Meet Your Brain’s Director of Operations

Your Recticular Activating System (RAS) is a core component in your neural network. It is the gatekeeper to all information that flows up, across and down your brain. It determines which part of your body takes charge through a complex protocol. RAS keeps you alert, helps you get a good night's sleep and prioritize most of your functions including your senses such as pain except those nasal. Suppress RAS and you are less likely to feel pain. Overdo it, and you’re in a coma.

Leverage Yourself

Anesthesia is the process to relieve you from pain through the suppression of your RAS using certain chemicals. Overdose causes coma. Your RAS connects you to the levers of vibrant success. Convince it through repetitive affirmations, RAS will keep you alert to the opportunities that open the paths to your desired outcome. One of the reasons people are luckier or more successful is because they have RAS as an ally in their quests. Your work is to activate your RAS.

Self Betterment Wisdom

Your Mind Boggling Power

Some say, "the mind to imagine, the skill to do." It's almost correct. It should be "the mind to imagine the skill to do." See the difference? The comma makes the difference. Especially in sports, the mind helps you shape the skill to perform. Granted you have to acquire technical knowledge; the mind will aid you in tweaking to perfection. Before they take off or make the first swing, sports stars close their eyes to see victory in full color. In the theater of their mind.

A Post-Mortem is Too Late

Seeing it play out in your mind first is to address the impact of negative interferences before they crop up during actual performances. Mental rehearsal is conducting a pre-mortem of your performance. It is an exercise to extract the weakness in your execution before they happen. It allows you to iron out the rough edges, remove the thorns and take out the weeds from your impending performance. The very least, mental rehearsal enables you to side step the obstacles. All these are done in a safe environment of your mind. An exclusive privilege nature allocates to you.

Better Your Chance of Success

Steven Covey's simple strategy to success, "Begin with the end in mind," has a profound impact on human performance. In a phrase, he encapsulated the power of such performance tools as goal setting, mental rehearsal and positive affirmation. The clarity of where you want to go carves the path of your triumphant journey. Without a converging aim, the journey will be strewn with crossroads of uncertainty. Knowing what you want to achieve before you set out improves your chance of success.

Self Betterment Wisdom

Develop the Killer Instinct

Sports titans make their movements instinctive to deliver exhilarating performances. The way to a habit of winning is to develop winning habits. Habits are developed through repetitive behaviors. Equally true to the fact that your brain influences your movements, your movements influences your brain. A repeated set of actions becomes a ritual locked in long term memory. In a set condition with a set desire, those actions are automatically retrieved to enable a winning performance. Instinctively.

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Do You Know Who You Want To Be?

Margaret Thatcher harbored the ambition to be the Prime Minister of United Kingdom since she was a young lass. There are stories abound of people becoming what they wanted to be. But will all people become what they want to be? Unlikely. Only a very few will achieve their vision. But it is not a numbers game. The alarming stat that 10% is controlling 90% of the world's wealth is not the algorithm set by our Creator. Those who can see it will make it if they work for it. Working for it without seeing it first, is groping in the dark. Throwing pasta at the wall. Seeing it and not working for it is fishing without a hook. You may get a fish. the chance is one in a zillion. Maybe slightly less. Just a bit.

Self Betterment Wisdom

The First Creation

Leonardo da Vinci can't attend an interview now. If he could, I'll bet that he'll vouch that he had painted Mona Lisa in his mind before he painted her on the canvas. I.M. Pei would surely tell you that Le Grand Louvre of Paris was first designed in his mind. Everything is made twice. And it's always in the mind first. Unless you have a clear profile of what you want to be in your mind, the outcome cannot be manifested in real life. It does not mean you will surely be what you imagine. But it sure improves your luck a lot.

Meet Your Enabler

Experts say that injecting anesthetic into your system is suppressing your Recticular Activating System's ability to detect the signals for pain, during a normally painful procedure. Essentially, it is to make RAS less efficient than it should be. RAS is the component of your neural system that allows you to savor the sensitivities of consciousness, the senses, the affects and the emotions. It sends the impulse for you to act, it keeps you alert and ease you into sleep. RAS is indispensable.

Self Betterment Wisdom

What Keeps You Keeping On?

RAS helps you decide whether you'll go for Domino's or Pizza Hut. When you withdraw from a hot stove, your RAS is working. RAS makes you notice what you yearn for. RAS keeps you keeping on for the trophy of your dream. But RAS needs to be switched on. It's a combination switch. You have to define clearly the configuration of the trophy, the size, the weight, the materials, the color and even the value. The trophy must represent deep meaning for you. It must keep you focused on it, day and night.

 How Do You Believe?

Gurus would like you buy in to "if your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve." It's not a lie but it's not complete. Conceiving is easier than believing. Both are parts of the equation. How do you believe? It must make sense. It must be good for you. And, it's not an outright impossible ask. It is even better if there are precedents. Of course, you can believe anything you want but believing enough to take action is another level all together. How do you believe enough to act? By consistently convincing your inner-self that you believe. It is a simple tactic but it takes hard work, doing it unyielding, despite not getting the results. Yet. You are not a failure. You are yet to be successful.

Self Betterment Wisdom

Overnight Success? Try Marinating a Chicken.

Of course you should learn from the successful. The frustration is that they make it seem too easy. If you set goals the SMART way, you can achieve them. Beat self-doubt with positive affirmations. Fake it till you make it. Simple. Simple and easy are cousins at best. They are not the same. Converting thinking to reality takes dogged discipline of doing what you must do consistently, whether you are up to it or not. If you want to experience overnight success, try marinating a chicken. Vidal Sassoon said,” the only place where Success comes before Work is in your dictionary.

Self Betterment Wisdom
What do you say? Do you like small nuggets like the above that tell you what you want to know tersely, or would you prefer more elaborate details such as references and source notes? Please let me know and share the information in this post. 


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