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We are worried. We are always worried. We worry that the person we are engaging might lose interest in what we are proposing, in us. So, we keep talking to arouse interest. As we get more excited, we talk faster. And, as we talk faster, our conversation dissolves into noises. The noises becomes an irritant. The person loses then loses interest...

Or, we keep introducing new handles for objection. Then, we'll spend our time handling objections. Back and forth. Back and forth. Until the engagement becomes a mental and verbal boxing match. Guess who will be the loser.

Convincing needs talking and showing. Whether in sales or in trying to convince your boss  to buy in an idea. The show and tell is to keep your relevant for the engagement. However, if you want to come out of the bout smelling victorious, you have to ask leading questions. Questions to the answers you want. Questions leading to the obvious answers, designed to produce the desired outcome. Questions that help the engaged make the right decision, the decision to buy-in to what you are presenting.

However, questioning is not the fine art. The fine art is the ability to keep your mouth shut after asking the question, "I think the premium version suits your needs better, shall we deliver it next Tuesday or would you prefer to get it on Monday?" Or, "When it comes to drinking water, you would want your family to have the best, don't you?"  Not a single word until you get an answer, get it?

Silence allows your ramblings to sink in. Silence also gives you control over the engagement. You can use this tip to enhance your effectiveness. When are you going to try it?

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