The Myth of the Myth of Leadership

Part 1: What the **** is going on? 

I have a thing. About human conditions. I cannot embrace the notion of a one size fits all. I am uniquely I. You are uniquely you. Our configurations overlap. Some of the constituents may be the same. Like some quirks. Some values. Some beliefs. Some behaviors. And other things. Within sameness, there are also differences. In quantity. In quality. In flexibility. In consistency. So, we are not truly homogenous. You are uniquely you. I am uniquely I. Which is a good thing. Which is a bad thing. It’s situational.

Can Leaders be Made?

I cannot concur the one size fits all. It may work for the physical. Like a vaccine. An antibiotic. It may work for ‘everyone.’ But the ‘everyone’ is not 100%. It discounts the minute number of outliers. It always does. It is the reverse for the human spirit. Or the soul. My experience for the human intangibles, it won’t work, largely, as prescribed. ‘Everyone’ means it works for a small number, perfectly as prescribed. It would work for others some of the time. The impact might be longer for some than others. For some, prescription for change sink in faster than others. It may follow a sink in, seep out flow for others. For most, it would not sink in for good.
For everything to work out as intended. Everything has to be aligned. Like they say about the planets and good fortune. For prescription for change of the human condition, the positive mindset must be aligned with the respect for the guru, must be aligned with the experience of the student, must be aligned with the current situation and must be aligned with the language and culture and a host of other things. My point is, what is propounded as effective change for the human species, should be accepted as an instrument of hope rather than a truth to believe.

I Am Therefore I Know

How do I know? I am human. I live with humans. I work with humans. I am not in a lab or walled in a classroom. My lab is where I operate. Within its inconsistencies. Among its diversity. Tempered by situational fluidity.
For the gurus of change, the discounted majority are discounted. What the marketing pitch, the social proofs and the back cover commendations meant is that if it works for you, it works for you. If it does not, try to make it work or it does not.
So what is good about the change agents? Good intentions. Most believe what they offer will work. Some have the experience. Some have seen small groups under controlled conditions or otherwise show some signs of change. They choose to believe that, as a result of which, it will help anyone who is willing to pay for it. Even if it is good advice, it is trade.
For that purpose, sometimes it works really well. For the gurus. If anyone claims that he wants to change the world and charge a fee, he will fail in the mission. Most of the world cannot afford the fee.

Let’s Get ****ed

And the clamor to hook whoever who can fork out the petty cash gets louder. Cultured pros are using four letter words to ‘shock to snare.’  Nowadays you see a lot of ‘F*ck this’ and ‘F*ck that’ displayed, unashamedly, prominently in front of bookstores. Kids being exposed to the F word? “F*ck it. They need to be exposed to self-help earlier rather than later.” When the world is getting too many ‘F*cks,’ it's time to go to the reverse. You begin to see ‘Unf*ck this, and ‘Unf*ck that.’ There is little wrong with using dressed up fucks, it conveys a realization that professionals need to present a cultured front. Or do they? Are they?

Maybe it’s niche marketing. They are targeting the segment of people who sing the word like a song. That makes sense. Still, why the fuck do you have to use the fuck word when there are words you could use to express the same. It sells. Marketing. Ensnaring. Sometimes, I wonder what the fuck adds up to, making it worth it. To be known as the F*ck guy. Maybe, there is good juice inside. Not being an icon, they need the F*ck factor to hog their good mind juice. Okay.

Quick, Move The Other Way

Then we have the contrarians. They go against the grain. On purpose. To attract attention. When the whole world is hunting happiness, they say happy is bad. Like the digital savvy marketers, they too look at Google trends and stuff like that. But, unlike the normal marketers, they go in the reverse direction. Instead of using trending keywords, they use keywords that are contrary. And this works too. One of the benefits listed in a post for contrarian marketing:

Leaders, are they unique?

‘More TrafficPeople love being surprised, and controversial content can draw in far more views than a run-of-the-mill post. What’s more, once you create a surprising post, people will come back again and again to read it, boosting your views even further.

Being controversial do get people piqued. For sure. What the hell this guy is talking about? I need to find out. Maybe I am missing something. The FOMO hoodoo.

Even if people are unique, they do have their overlaps in aspirations, beliefs and fears. It’s good that some experts give hope with proclamations that “Leaders can be made,” “Leadership is not reserved for the top of the organization” and “Leaders need not be charismatic.” These are good ones. Then, there are ‘reduce to the ridiculous’ premises that are obviously unacceptable. By anyone. “The leader speaks and the followers listen.” “The leader controls information and the followers can only guess.” “The leader is superior and the followers are inferior.”  Do you think these are general myths or myths created as fodder for an article? Even the unexceptional will find, that if there are real people believing these, they are exceptions to the norm.

Our conversation on Leadership continues…or will it? I am sleeping on it. And I suggest you do.


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