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From mid to the end of the nineties, I was frequently huddled in BOMs, the acronym for Business Opportunity Meetings. Almost everybody you knew, you interacted with and you bought from were in a network marketing or multilevel marketing (MLM) project. You would be hassled at home, at the coffee place and at the office.There was such a fever for MLM at the workplaces.  With complaints of incessant  harassment and subordinates stoned with dream of the easy street, HRs had to scramble Powerpoint presentations pointing to the peril from moonlighting and conflict of interests.

So, being a curious one, I attended one BOM after another exploring the possibility of getting rich. The side-benefit of being looked in the eyes and told that you are one of a kind winner became addictive. The one idea from these BOMs that kept me awake nights was the power of geometric progression. The trick question was, "If I offer you 100,000 dollars now or a penny now and double it tomorrow, and then  double every penny in your pool everyday for thirty days, which would you choose?"  It was not like you will get two marshmallows. According to the host of the BOM, if you can wait thirty days on a penny, you will be a decamillionaire! $10 million!

If that was lost on you, this one will catch you. If you had signed up, just, two persons everyday, and everyone in your group duplicated that feat everyday for thirty days, you would have in your downline, more people than the army of China! And then, the host would soothe your anxiety, "I am not saying that you can do that...can you do 1% too much for you?" Very quickly, he would move to the bottomline, "Let's see how much you will make..."

Eventually, I did sign up with one Opportunity. And then another. After that, another. And so, I kept growing older. Geometric progression never worked for me. The groups would be filled with what we know now as circuit breakers. There would be some lame ducks; people who signed up but would hardly 'move.' But mostly, my groups were awash with what my upline called 'dead ducks; people who signed up, and would not lift a finger after that.'

Luckily for us, geometric progression usually doesn't perform its true potential.Breaking into this year, there were 44 infected with Covid 19. As of today, we are closing in on 3 million with 200 thousand deaths. This pandemic is geometric progression in action. Japan has reduced the circuit breaker strategy to dummy simple; practice 'the three Cs:' avoid closed spaces with poor ventilation, avoid crowded places and avoid close contact settings such as having close conversations.

This strategy can be distilled into two words; 'Stay Home.' Save lives.

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