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Trump has been an itch I can't reach. An ENIGMA. Yes, all capital letters. An outlier. Whatever. Something out of whack. It's just not right. You can't fathom how this could happen. How could this huge personality, elected to be their Commander-in- Chief by enough people from a country which is the most advanced in most things be the only butt that the late night comedians joke about? In fact, they don't have to struggle for the funny lines. All they do is just report what he had said and done days or hours before their shows. It's usually funny but sometimes, it's scary funny.

I mean Trump is not nothing. He is something. He has been something since he was born to his rich father. And all his life, he has been living in the country that had been numero uno in almost everything. A country which has the most advanced education facilities. The biggest book stores. The widest range of intelligent products and products that aim at making you intelligent. The largest economic power in the world...etc. etc. Just google USA.  Oh! and Google, and Facebook, and Tesla etc etc.

Being perplexed, is an understatement. I questioned the legitimacy of everything I had learned about everything. More so, of stuff like personal values and sanity. I pored over my collection of Marvel comics, Manga and Mad magazines. I talked with coffee shop mates. I consulted with the gas pump attendants. Mediums who were taking a break. I even took a chance with my insurance agent. And then took a bigger risk with the mutual fund salesman. No one was able to satisfy me. Until Lysol!

Then, it dawned on me. Trump is all good. He is living a positive personal growth attribute which most of us have lost. He is showing us how having a child-like curiosity will get us out of stuck. No vaccine yet for Covid 19? I heard disinfectant kill germs and viruses. Everyone swears  that it works outside, would it work inside you? Me? Try? Why would I? I don't have Covid 19. Rocketman giving problems? What if I try to make friends? I used that tactic in school and it worked.China trying to eat our lunch? What if I try to take their lunch from them? Etc. etc.

Okay, I am finally at peace with this one. What about him changing his staff and partners like changing engine oil; and his words, views, position, promises etc etc. like changing underwear? I recently read about the maximizing and satisficing mindsets. Trump has a maximizing mindset. He is like one of those who buys something and immediately regrets the choice after walking out of the mall. They always want something better. And they always think about things they bypass as a choice to be better. These type of people waste more effort and resources after the choice. They will not invest enough thinking before the choice. Good enough is good enough for the satisficing people and they will be happier with the things they choose.

There, I understand Trump. I hope he understands me. I am not saying he is a good or bad guy. Really, he has very minute indirect impact on me. I am saying that I finally found that he is one of my type. I do not have the same power as he does, nor command the same resources, so you will not hear about me. If my guess is right, we share the same two attributes. Trump, after all, is nothing special. He is normal. If I am normal.

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