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Winning sure feels good. Whatever the wins. The 'good' encapsulates a myriad of positive emotions. They boost your feeling of well-being and raise your sense of self worth. Winning can be easy and hard. Winning can be a sure thing or be fraught with uncertainties. It depends on what you want to win and how frequent you want to win. And, worse of all going for the win can also make you a loser; like playing the lotteries and robbing.

There are fast wins and there are wins that will take a long time. And, the slow wins can be turned into fast wins. Simply, by breaking down the big win that takes time into small chunks that you can do at certain frequency. And, like happiness, winning cannot be achieved without the doing. Even if you believe that you can wish for a win, it will not happen unless you take actions that are required to achieve your goal in mind.The wish is to generate the positive emotions for you to take action.

Money, respect, position, likes, love and everything else you think you want, to win, are mirages. What you are craving for, in its pure form, is the confirmation that you are worthy to be a human. That you have a place among the fellow beings. That you are human. Many have described that as the craving for self -worth, meaning and purpose as the ultimate desire. I want to emphasize our altruistic nature. And, it's not just about giving money away. It's also about helping family, friends and strangers in the simplest of things such as a praise to generate a good feeling.

So, ultimately, we are chasing for a good feeling, a positive emotion, a sense of belonging. And you can get that right now. At this moment. And at any moment you want. I have a few suggestions in the graphic attached. I am feeling like a winner right now.You know what I just did.

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