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Should Self-Help Products Carry a Warning Label?

  My take-away from Jack Canfield’s “How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.” Principle 9: Success Leaves Clues Antoinne Julien on Unsplash I don’t want to antagonize the self-help gods. There are enough of them and their fans around to shut me out with infinite wisdom and echoes of such. And, I think they are, fundamentally, good for society. With “People Tweak” as the site brand, I can’t really be too far off. From dabbling in self-help. But should self-help products come with a warning? Fundamentally, self-help gurus are good for the human race. The race to success. Whatever that means to whoever chasing the whatever. How more motivational can it be than having a person who had won the race, with gold medals straining his neck, urging you on, wearing the designer outfit you salivate over, cruising next to you in a cabriolet. To be affirmation specific, he is wearing a dark blue Hugo Boss, driving a red Porsche 911 cabriolet. (Right hand up; I don’t pretend to

GRATITUDE ON DEMAND or Why Nothing is Better than Better than Nothing

  Photo: Wikimedia Commons The whiff of sweet perfume that whizzed past me, that would have normally hooked my eyes, like a Mustad 9/10, could not draw my focus away from the approaching sense of warmth and familiarity. My pre-frontal cortex, working in cahoots with its cohorts, translated information from gait and dimension into a sense of positive anticipation. Get ready for a friend. Get ready for J.   I was thrilled to see J. coming my way. Except for a few more wrinkles and a lot less hair, he was definitely, J. A friend from 10 years ago. A friend who easily lured the counterfactuals out of my number two cut covered shell. What if he had stayed as long as I had? What greater art could we have shipped? What if I had trusted him more and if he had trusted me more? What if we had trusted each other enough to marry our talents and skills to give the world another start-up? I had, for as long as we were together, respected J. for his street smarter perspective of things. He wa

Painting the Mona Lisa and Chomping the Big Mac; What's the Similarity?

  My take-away from “How to Get from Where You are to Where You Want to Be” by Jack Canfield.   Principle 8: Chunk It Down Zach Dyson on Unsplash The Mona Lisa. It’s a masterpiece. It is also the sum of strokes. From the master’s brush. It took persistent and passionate effort for Leonardo da Vinci to capture the goal he had in mind onto the  board the masterpiece was painted. Some say it took hundreds of sessions. Through scientific assessment, it was determined that 30 coats of paint, layered in a unique style was needed for the maestro to achieve that “feel and look.” Zooming in with state-of-the-art magnification tools, art researchers claim that da Vinci used hatching and cross hatching method. Drilling down to the finest details, it is said that the “smile of the ages” was constructed by the artist with 30-40 brush strokes of translucent paint per millimetre. Fine art. Whether you are painting the Mona Lisa or chomping the Big Mac, you are working towards a goal

What is the Biggest Reward from Goal Setting? It’s Not What You Think

  Glen Carrie on Unsplash My take-away from “How to Get from Where You are to Where You Want to Be” by Jack Canfield.   Principle 7: Unleash the Power of Goal Setting   As a cube dude most of my life, working for one of the largest Multi-National Corporations (MNC), I am a believer that goal setting is the beginning to any worthy achievement. Of course, there are people, a miniscule percent, who hit the jackpot and overachieve without having a thought about goal setting. The jackpot hit them. They are the outliers. For most of us, we have to work hard thinking about what we really want and work even harder to get what we really want. Through experience, if you get the former right, it will draw you into the “zone.” If you are able to crystalize what you really want, from the flying asteroids of choices, all seeking attention during your planetary planning session, you will be cuddled in a frequent state of “flow” throughout the journey to what you really want or where you