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One Practical Self Improvement Idea To Change Your Life Forever

Achieve Your Dreams through Visualization |  Pete Canalichio |  TEDxGeorgiaStateU The video promotes a practical self improvement idea; achieving your desired self improvement goal through visualization. Practical self improvement ideas means systems and processes for self betterment that are actionable. Ideas that you can turn into powerful self improvement actions right where you are. Visualization is not a wishy washy new age fad but a science backed regime that can propel you to a higher level of self improvement. It sounds simple but it takes consistent effort to achieve the desired result. (This video is shared from You Tube.) While physical self improvement is attained by checking-in and doing the work at your gym regularly, coupled with nutritional enhancement, character or behavioral self improvement is an inside job. It entails- 1. Having a clear idea of what you need to change, the bad habits that you need to replace with better ones 2.Defining succinctly the changes toward

Selected Money Quotes that Make a Lot of Sense

  Money. A truly universal tool. A means that has a larger-than-life personality. In good hands, it can be a saint, a savior. In crooked ones, it can morph its owner into a monster, a vile Frankenstein. In engagement, we mostly forget that it is only an instrument. Merged with our greed and ego, it can become a sledgehammer to hurt or a lure to seduce and dominate. Coupled with our cultured values for love and generosity, money becomes a healer to pain and suffering. For most of humanity, the instrument is the Pied Piper. The promise of a good life that only few ever achieved. And then, there is always the fluid question, “What is a good life?” While humanity struggles to get a grip on the ephemeral ‘good life,’ money keeps on working. Doing its best to protect our peace or to make us crazy. Ultimately, we have to make the choice, ‘enough’ or ‘want more.’ As the great writer and philosopher, Ayn Rand observed, “Money is only a tool…It will take you wherever you wish, but it will

Understand How Visualization Works and Make it Work for You

                                                                                           Can the power of visualization take you to where you want to go? “Yesterday.” Paul McCartney. You’ve heard or/and read it a thousand times. Voted the song of the 20 th century. One of the most covered songs. A top 5 of the Beatles’ most popular hits. He wrote it in his sleep. Not really. The tune was germinating in his sleep. He birthed it when he woke up. He labored to get the tune from the womb, his subconscious mind, and delivered joy to the world. Actually, it’s melancholy. The joy is when you sing it well, with the lament out of your chest, spread across your audience. Or against the rush of shower. A legend. Jack Nicklaus. A top three winningest golfer. He claims to have perfected his grip in a dream. Schwarzenegger saw the body he wanted in his mind. He claimed it, made the vision real. Encouraged by this breakthrough, Schwarzenegger imagined the glamorous life he is living.